Sanitation Convenience Center

Sanitation Convenience Center

Sanitation Convenience Center is managed by the city of Philadelphia, Philadelphia sanitation center allows you to dispose of the following items here:


  • Automotive tires, limited to four per day
  • Bulk items, large metal household items/appliances or items containing refrigerants, limited to two a day
  • Christmas trees
  • Collectible rubbish, up to six receptacles (or 12 bags)
  • E-waste, including computers, monitors, televisions, and other computer-related equipment
  • Latex- or water-based paint cans that are partially full can be solidified by adding an absorbent material such as “kitty litter” or newspaper prior to disposal
  • Mattresses and box springs, unwrapped
  • Recyclable materials, as part of the City’s Recycling Program
  • Yard waste, accepted for recycling, and must be free of contamination and contained in paper bags only


  • 3033 S 63rd St, Philadelphia, PA 19153, United States
  • +1 215-685-4290

Opening hours

  • Monday:
    8am - 6pm
  • Tuesday:
    8am - 6pm
  • Wednesday:
    8am - 6pm
  • Thurstday:
    8am - 6pm
  • Friday:
    8am - 6pm
  • Saturday:
    8am - 6pm
  • Sunday:


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