EMR Blackburn – Scrap Metal Merchants

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EMR Blackburn is owned and operated by European Metal Recycling Limited, EMR scrap yard allows you to dispose of the following metals here:   Ferrous metal Non-Ferrous metal Scrap vehicles (ELVs) Catalytic converters Vehicle batteries Aluminium cans Cables Large domestic appliances   The following materials cannot be accepted   Beer kegs/casks Dairy trolleys/cages Fridges & […]

George Street West household waste recycling centre

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George Street West tip is owned and operated by Blackburn Council, George Street West Recycling Centre allows you to recycle the following items here:   Mixed glass, bottles and jars, foil, paper Small appliances, food tins and drink cans large appliances, cardboard, cooking oil Tv,s monitors, books, spectacles, batteries Used engine oil, cartons, low energy […]