How To Recycle Unused and Used Printer Cartridges

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Of course, you have come across other articles giving you guidelines printer cartridges can be recycled. Nonetheless, there is a possibility that by the end of this article, you will have learned a new thing or two about how to handle your used or unused printer cartridges.

Printer cartridges often come in several varieties. However, clients are most concerned with purchasing those that will provide high-quality printing solutions while being affordable. Although the focus may be on the value gained from buying a printer cartridge, you may be unaware of the fact that you may be conserving the environment by buying the best cartridges available in the market.

How Printer Cartridges pose an Environmental Risk Before highlighting the strategies you can employ in recycling used printer cartridges, it is imperative to highlight the threat these printer consumables pose to the natural environment.

Firstly ink cartridges have both lead and mercury compounds. Secondly, toner powder is flammable in instances where it is subjected to enhanced temperature levels. Thirdly, carbon toners are often classified as cancer-causing agents. Finally, used printer cartridges take a thousand years before undergoing complete decomposition. Of course, there are other factors connected to printer cartridges that make them not to be environmental friendly. However, the four factors outlined represent the main ones.

By now, you may be asking yourself why people are asked to recycle printer cartridges whether used or unused. The answer to this query is quite straightforward. Essentially, a single cartridge that is not poorly disposed of already limits the amount of these harmful compounds released into the environment.

How To Recycle Used Printer Cartridges

How To Recycle Used Printer Cartridges

When it comes to recycling used printer consumables, there are different approaches that can be taken. The first technique through which you can recycle used printer cartridges is through a refill. some of them are compatible with a specific cartridge are available in the market. In fact, they are 90 percent less expensive than OEM and 70 percent cheaper than refurbished ones. Refilling a cartridge is a simple process that takes a limited duration. The only requirement is the possession of the necessary know-how and implements to complete this task.

Alternatively, you can recycle used print cartridges by registering for a return program. In this case, it should be noted that companies like cartridge return initiatives, and all that is required from you is being an enrolled member of the program. Once you are registered, you can send the company an empty cartridge, which may either be replaced or the company in question compensates you.

The third way you can recycle used printer cartridges is giving them to charity. As absurd as this alternative sounds, the truth is that there are charitable organizations that specialize in the collection of spend printer cartridges. Examples of such organizations include, eCycle Group, and Cartridges for Kids. In most cases, such organizations offer to buy the spent cartridge from you, although you can also surrender them for free because these charities offer to collect them to ensure that they are not poorly disposed of.

How to Recycle Unused Printer Cartridges

How to Recycle Unused Printer Cartridges

Recycling printer cartridges is not limited to used ones alone. Instead, unused ones may also require reuse in certain circumstances. For instance, your old printer may get spoiled prompting the purchase of a new one. In such a scenario, there is a possibility of being stuck with unused cartridges. Alternatively, there are instances where businesses have a stock of unused cartridges in their storeroom that were meant for old printers.

You do not throw such cartridges away. Instead, you can choose from different environmentally-conscious and financially responsible ways to dispose of them. On the one hand, you can sell the unused cartridges to buyers who have compatible printers. Alternatively, you can donate them to local non-profit organizations that specialize in buying or collecting unused printer cartridges.

Lastly, if you cannot find anyone to take the unused cartridges, companies such as Hewlett Packard, Epson, and accept unused printer cartridges for recycling purposes.

Closing Statement

Used and unused printer cartridges pose a significant risk to ecological conservation strategies. This aspect calls for responsible use of the most viable strategy being recycling them. Out of the different recycling strategies highlighted, at least one of the approaches should be convenient for you.


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