Turn your Printer Cartridges into Cash

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Do you have unused but new Printer Inks or Toner Cartridges in your office or workplace?

We buy unused Printer Inks and Toner Cartridges from large to small companies and home users too

It’s a really simple process.

With a few moments of your time, an email or a call you are on your way to turning unwanted, unused printer consumables back into money.

We arrange free collection or shipping and all consignments are fully insured from the moment they leave you.

What you need to do!

A few quick steps is all that’s needed:

  1. Identify what products you have to sell, are they Inks or Toners, Genuine originals or compatible cartridges (you can learn more on this below)
  2. Make a list of the brands and products you have by using the part numbers printed on the box.
  3. Take note of the condition of your printer cartridges. You can learn more about condition rating your goods below.
  4. Take photos of the condition of the cartridges taking care to include any damaged areas on the products.
  5. Send an email along with photos to info@recycleaid.co.uk or click here to use our contact us page to get in touch.

It very important to understand how our simple PCR (product condition rating) works to benefit you the seller and us the buyer.

It’s this grading/conditioning process and the photos you provide that allows us to make you an accurate offer for your products.

This is why photos and a good fair description are really helpful. See below to learn how we rate your goods for us to buy.

PCR (Product Condition Rating) your unwanted or surplus printer cartridges

4 Star Rating refers to any printer inks, toners cartridges or consumables that are in BRAND NEW CONDITION and sealed in UNDAMAGED boxes. To have a 4 star rating your product must be in good PERFECT clean tidy boxes without any rips tears or dents and dings in the box. The boxes must be free from delivery labels, packaging tape, writing or any other stickers and labels that were not present when it left the factory. 4 star products must still be in date.

3 Star Rating covers products as above but this rating allows for any minor damages on the boxes such as small dents and small dings. These products must still be in brand new original sealed boxes and must still be in date. Both 4 and 5 star buy back prices are very similar.

2 Star Rating refers to any printer inks, toners cartridges or consumables that have more than light damage on the boxes. This rating will allow for boxes with delivery labels on them or writing. This rating also covers cartridges that have rips or tears on the boxes or packaging tape.

1 Star Rating covers toners that are out of date, inks that are out of date. Toners and inks with heavy damaged boxes but sealed bags inside and products with no boxes at all

If you are unsure how to rate your products then please contact us, we are happy to advise you how to rate your cartridges to ensure you get the best possible price.

We Make You An Offer!

Once you have rated your goods or contacted us to do this with you we will then make you an offer. Once you accept the offer we will then advise you on the best way to pack the goods ready for shipping.

We pay for goods once we have booked them in and inspected them at our end. We will contact you to arrange payment when we have booked the goods in and confirmed that the rating you have provided matches the rating your goods have been received. This is the best and most transparent way for both parties.

Onsite Appraisals and Cash on Collection.

Sometimes we can collect your surplus printer consumables using our own vans, it all depends on the amount of stock you have for sale and where you are located. If we offer you this service we can sometimes appraise your stock onsite and pay by cash or bank transfer instantly. This service is by special arrangement only so please ask for further details.

You can email us on info@recycleaid.co.uk or call us on: 07923 327153


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