Cambridge To Get New And improved Recycling Centre

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A new Recycling Centre is on the cards for Cambridge after Cambridge Council revealed plans to secure a permanent site for a long-term future of the local household waste recycling facility in the area. 

Currently the tip is only contracted to exist on its current location for five more years until late 2026 when the lease on the land is up for renewal.   

Cambridge Residents won’t have too to far to travel to use the new and improved recycling facilities if the Cambridge County Council planned proposal goes ahead, the Councillors have confirmed that the council carried out a consultation into securing the current land, in Milton just north of the town on a permanent basis.  

As well as negotiating a long-term permanent home for the centre; Councillors are proposing to extend the current site to enable more capacity and provide a better service to local residents who wish to recycle or dispose of their waste.  

“This new proposed facility at Milton will offer many benefits to our residents. As well as offering increased capacity to accommodate the needs of our growing population, the proposals also include better traffic management on site to reduce queuing, a roofed-over reuse shop, and access and parking for cyclists. The site would also be split-level, enabling residents to dispose of their waste without needing to climb steps.” said Cllr Lorna Dupre, chair of the council’s Environment and Green Investment committee. 

Although full details of the proposed plans are yet to be finalised its expected that the improvements will be welcomed by many local residents. As expected not all residents are initially pleased with the proposed expansion and some may have expressed concerns but the council were encouraged by many locals feedback on the proposed facility when the consultation opened on June 15 and residents had reviewed the virtual plans set up as part of the consultation process.” added Councillor Dupre.   

The consultation was completed by July 2021 and the planned project has now moved onto the next stage; Cambridge Council will release further information at a later date. 


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