Canterbury Recycling Centre longer opening hours a success

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Canterbury Recycling Centre was just one of 18 facilities in the Kent area to offer longer opening hours and more booking times back in July this year when the County Council rolled out its revised recycling and waste management scheme.  

Throughout lockdown the Canterbury facility was closed completely leaving residents unable to recycle or dispose of their extra waste, much to the frustration of local residents. A Limited service under covid restrictions offered some availability but there were never enough slots to go around.  

Thankfully all that is firmly in the past now with the local authority providing longer opening hours, more bookable slots and even the ability to book two slots per month in advance, all this resulting in a smooth and adequate recycling service for Canterbury and the other 17 recycle sites in Kent County Council’s area.  

The new longer opening hours are 08:30 till 3:45 Monday to Sunday giving seven days a week service and with bookable slots increasing by 10,000 a week across the whole Kent authority area its good news for Canterbury and the other household waste sites in the surrounding areas.  

Local residents seem to be pleased with the county council’s improved opening times, when asked how the changes had improved things, one local resident said  ”It is easier to book a slot as the sites are open longer now, I don’t often have much extra waste so the two slots per month is more than enough for me and the fact that its advance booking just works” 

The online booking system hasn’t changed that much other than the increased number of slots and the advance date selection but once you book you receive a confirmation with your booking reference via email as usual, you will need to take this reference number along with you and show it to staff once you arrive at the tip. 

Residents who visit the site are reminded that Covid 19 Restrictions are still in place and social distancing is required in line with the Government’s advisory guidelines. 


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