Derby Recycling Centre remains open as Council announce site closures.

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Derby Recycling Centre is to remain open after Derbyshire Council announce moves to close all seven recycling centres in the south of their borough. Some local residents were shocked when learning of the announcement which was finalised by council bosses only last week. 

All seven Recycling Sites set for closure have been revealed as Wllington , Hatton, Castle Gresley, Hilton, Midway, Ticknall and Melbourne. The timing to close these sites seems off plan with UK Government’s commitment to a carbon neutral future where more recycling is needed not less; it seems odd and out of the norm for this type of recycling facility to closed down.  

“These seven recycling sites have seen continuous and unacceptable amounts of cross contamination within the collection bins, this makes the recyclable items we are trying to collect un-recyclable and only fit for incineration or landfill. In addition to this the rise in anti-social behaviour such as fires etc that these seven sites have attracted recently, as reported by local residents, it due to these points that the unfortunate decision had to be made” said a local council source. 

Although the planned closure will bring relief to some local residents who live close to the facility and have suffered the anti-social problems from the sites, others are not too pleased with the council’s announcement. “It’s all well and good asking us to recycle from home, due to the current pandemic our collections have become unreliable with some collections not being done at all, what do we do with our excess recycling now?” asked Andrew, a regular user of the Castle Gresley site. 

Residents will now be encouraged to recycle more through regular curb-side recycling schemes and to make use of Derby recycling site in the area also provided by the Council. 

Derbyshire Council have pointed out that currently there is no other plans to close other sites. 


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