How To Book A Slot At The Tip

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Local Council Tips and Recycle Centres have now reopened across the country but there has been some significant changes to the service and the processes we must follow to dispose of or recycle our waste.

What has changed?

The most obvious change you will notice is that rather than just turning up with your car, van or trailer, all city councils and local authorities now require visitors to the Tip or Recycle centre to book a slot online in advance before you visit your local site. 

You can no longer just turn up with your household waste and use the service as before, first of all you must visit your local council website to book a slot, each area has a slightly different booking system but it is very similar to the steps below. 

*Please note your local area may have the steps below in a different order, this is a general guide to get you through the process.

Booking a slot Online

Step One: Log on to your local council or local authority’s website

Step Two: Navigate to the relevant section of the website, if you are unsure look for the search box on the page and type in “Book a Tip slot”

Step Three: Create a Profile.  You may have to Sign in or Create a Profile to access this service, if you do the details you usually require are, your name and address, email address and a password but some councils and authorities request further verification such as a reference number from your council tax bill or a driving license number. 

You will set a password and email address during the sign up process. Make a note of your profile details because you will need them each time you book a slot at the tip.

It varies from area to area on what is required to verify you as a local service user, some areas do not require you to create a profile or sign in at all. 

Step Four: Choose the Recycling Site or Tip you want to visit and the time you would prefer to go, usually you will see a calendar with the available slots, make your choice, and confirm the site, time and date. Slots are generally in 15 min increments, it’s important that you arrive on time, if you are late and have missed your slot then you will usually be refused entry and you will have to re book another slot another day.

Step Five: Register your vehicle. During the registration or sign up process you will be asked for the details of the vehicle you intend to visit the site in and which site in your locality that you would like to visit, it is important that you give the correct registration number and vehicle details.

Step Six: Complete your booking. Once you have completed the process of booking a slot at the tip you will be sent a conformation via email or text, the details with this message must match the vehicle you have booked and the vehicle you attend the site in or you will be turned away from the site.  Take along a printed copy or have access to the email/text on your device to show the staff on arrival.

If you have a trailer or commercial vehicle and your local site requires a permit of entry for your vehicle you must take these documents to the Recycling centre or Tip when you visit.

Step Seven: Check what waste or recyclables you can take by reading the information on the same local council or authority’s website for your area.

At first glance the process of having to log on to a website to book a slot to get rid of your household waste or recyclable items seems a pain, even a waste of time; but once you have made your visit you should realise that it was worth the effort. 

When you arrive at the recycling site on the arranged time there will be little or no que, only so many people have the same slot as you so it’s less busy and more managed. You have access to all the facilities in a more controlled way with less people at the Tip or Recycle centre at the same time you can see why the new booking system works, you can quickly get to the part of the site you need to be at and be on your way, your entire visit should not take longer than 15 mins.

Booking a slot at the tip or recycle centre is pretty straight forward process and the new system will save us all time in the long run and ensure that all recycling centres and tips are a safer place and more efficient to use for us all, just bear in mind that if you book a slot and don’t attend that slot will not be given to anyone else, its lost, wasted so be sensible when you book, only book when you are sure you can attend.


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