Leeds Recycling Centres cancel booking system for weekdays only.

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Leeds Recycling Centres saw rules relax as Leeds City Council recently announced that residents are no longer required to book a time to visit the tip during in the weekdays, finally bringing an end, at least in part, to the lockdown restrictions imposed last year. 

At the start of pandemic lockdown all recycling centres across the city totally closed to any visitors leading to a back-up of bulky waste and recycling items. As lockdown restrictions began to ease council bosses implemented the booking system to allow limited visits under quite strict covid social distancing rules. Residents had to log on to Leeds City Council website and claim an available time slot in advance of visiting the facility. 

The booking system in Leeds as a whole had been hailed a success with the majority of residents who used the facilities during the lockdown in favour of the system but not all residents were in agreement. Some residents claimed that it wasn’t always easy to book a suitable time slot around work commitments etc. 

Council bosses have clearly taken on board the feedback and the end result being a mixed booking system that seems suitable to all users. As from Monday the 16th August 2021 residents will not need to book an appointment online during in normal weekday opening hours, they will however still be required to use the online booking system for weekends and bank holidays. 

“Having the freedom to just turn up during the week certainly offers the local residents of Leeds a more convenient way to make the most of the recycle centre, retaining the booking system for busy weekends and bank holidays makes sense to avoid longer waiting times onsite and makes for a more efficient service to its users” said a Leeds City Council source. 

Leeds City Council added that if you book a slot for the busy times you will need to present a copy of your booking when you arrive on site.  

All trailers and commercial vehicles will still require all relevant permits as before.    


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