What to do about Missed Bin Collections.

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A missed waste or recycling bin collection can be a frustrating situation especially if it’s a regular occurrence.  These days we have separate bin types and different colours for all manner of waste and keeping track of what bin has to be available at the curb side for emptying, on which day, can be a hassle on its own without the added frustration of the local council not collecting your waste on the agreed date.  

A missed collection could be the council or local authorities’ fault but bear in mind that it could also be something you have done or not done too that has caused the bin not to be emptied on this occasion. 

Overflowing bins sitting on the street for a prolonged amount of time is unsightly and also encourages vermin to the area. It’s not a pleasant sight at all. Bins left on the street blocking pavements can also attract a fixed penalty notice from the local council.  So, it’s important that the waste is collected on the agreed day wherever possible. 

There could be genuine reason why your regular general waste or recycling bin collection has been missed, it could be your error or it could be that the council or local authority is at fault, read on to learn why your bin collection could be missed and what you need to do about it. 

Below are a few things to check before you report the missed bin collection service: 

Is it just your bin that has been missed during the collection run or is it the entire street?  

If it’s just your bin that has been missed its likely that it’s your error, maybe the wrong waste is visible in the wrong bin. Mixed waste is acceptable in general waste bins but not in other recycling bins. 

Are the streets accessible, parked vehicles can restrict access to some streets as can adverse weather such as snow and ice? 

Failed collections could be due to badly parked cars as can bad weather conditions if you live on a hill etc. 

Have you put the correct bin out on the correct day and in good time for collection? 

It’s an easy mistake to make, only the correct bin will be collected on that given day, collection runs are planned by time scale so it’s important you present your bin at kerbside in good time before collection. 

How to report the missed collection to your local authority or Council

If none of the above apply and your bin has still not been emptied it could be down to council error or genuine operating issues. It could be that a collection vehicle has broken down, or that the crew could be experiencing longer ques and waiting times at the main recycling depot, (emptying of the collection truck) which would mean crews over run and fall behind, or it could simply be driver error. 

Before you report your missed collection, it’s worth noting that the council or local authority usually ask you to wait two working days to allow them to make or catch up on missed collections so leave your bins out temporarily. 

How to report the missed collection 

There are two main ways to report your missed waste collections,  

1.You can call the council or local authority, which will likely take a while to get through and make the report. 

2. Report it online. This is by far the easiest way to report any missed waste or recycling bin collections. In the UK most councils have the same framework website so it should be relatively easy to report online regardless of where you live, 

Once you have reported your missed bin collections your council or local authority will usually respond and make a collection as soon as practical only if the missed collections was down to their operating issues.   

However, if the missed collection is due to your error for example mixed waste in recycling bins or you are late putting it out for collection it remains your responsibility to ensure the bin is ready for collection properly on the next collection cycle. This could mean you have to re-sort your waste to a collectable condition or ensure it’s on the kerbside in time for the next collection.  

All councils and local authorities ask you not to leave your bins on the street longer than necessary to allow for its collection, (unless as specified above where the missed collection is the council’s fault and they need further time to collect).  

Failure to remove bins or excess waste from the kerbside can cause access issues for wheelchair users or prams etc and can land you on the wrong side of council enforcement and you could end up with a fixed penalty notice in extreme circumstances for restricting public access to the pavement. 


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