glass recycling

“For over 90 years Berryman has been the leading company in buying and recycling all types of glass. We have pioneered new methods of treatment to make sure that the glass we buy can be put to useful second life — from closed loop systems to make new bottles and jars to construction products, insulation and many other useful products. We work closely with Local Authorities and waste management companies to ensure efficient transportation and fair pricing. ” This company provides a collection service through onsite bottle banks, kerb side collections and through trade partners. The company offers nationwide collections and all the glass collected is recycled through one of their three ideally located recycling plants. To find out more about this company or to use their services please see the contact details below.


  • Lidgate Crescent Langthwaite Business Park South Kirkby WF9 3NR
  • 01977 608020


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